NOM Sends Fundraising Email Riddled With Suggestions Of LGBT-Led Violence

The National Organization for Marriage was the first organization to exploit the tragic shooting at the Family Research Council, even using it to fuel their fundraising efforts. In a new fundraising email sent out Friday, Brian Brown repeatedly implied that LGBT people are violent and antagonistic, employing the same kind of “incendiary” rhetoric NOM and others have accused the Southern Poverty Law Center of for its “hate group” designations. Here are several examples of what NOM is “fighting back” against:

ACTION NEEDED: Chick-fil-A Under Attack!

Let’s be clear about something: the homosexual lobby and their puppet politicians’ assault on Chick-fil-A is just the beginning.

You see, wealthy homosexual activists, such as the so-called Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, are not merely threatening, bullying, and attempting to destroy a great American business — they are declaring war on anyone who disagrees with their radical agenda.

And why? To bully and intimidate the media and enough politicians and activist judges to force homosexual marriage as the law of the land — thereby destroying the time-tested, God ordained, traditional institution of marriage.

This is unacceptable. It’s time to send a crystal-clear message to the gay activist bullies who want to silence Christians and people of faith who stand up for marriage in America.

While others have backed down to gay “marriage” thugs and bullies, NOM isn’t afraid of a fight. But we can’t sustain this battle unless our supporters step up their urgently needed contributions right now.

Remember: the only way to stop a bully is to fight back and fight harder. And if you make an immediate contribution, NOM will continue to expose and defeat the gay activist bullies who want to silence Christians and impose homosexual “marriage” on all of us.

PS — The homosexual lobby’s assault on Chick-fil-A is a full-frontal assault on all of us who believe in the historic definition of marriage as one man and one woman. And the only way to stop a bully is to fight back and fight harder.

Under attack. Threatening. Bullying. Assault. Attempting to destroy. Declaring war on. Bully and intimidate. Thugs and bullies. Battle. Full-frontal assault. This is how opponents of equality are characterizing the LGBT community.


Brown mentioned several times it’s important to “fight back and fight harder” against people who just want legal security for their loved ones and children. The most telling point he makes is what it will take to “sustain this battle.” Not only is he the one maintaining the effort to diminish same-sex families, but he can’t even bring himself to recognize their existence.