NOM Spokesperson Claims Anti-Equality Doomsday Testimony Is ‘New Gettysburg Address’

Jennifer Roback Morse of the National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute testified against marriage equality Tuesday night before the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee and delivered a doomsday list of outlandish consequences to the bill’s passages. The Ruth Institute has dubbed her testimony the “New Gettysburg Address of the Marriage Movement,” which she described as her “duty to God.” Looking much farther down the imaginary slippery slope, Morse envisioned a world without sex differences in which equality opponents like her represent a ragtag group of “refugees”:

I predict that none of it will make you happy. Not redefining marriage. Not the attempts to smother sex differences and biological connections. Not the further suppression of churches, religious organizations, and faith-filled private citizens. If normalizing homosexual activity were going to make you happy, it would have done so long ago. You would not be so desperate today for affirmation from strangers.

And if any of you come to realize that the Sexual Revolution has been one empty promise after another, we will embrace you. We will welcome you to our ragtag ranks of refugees, defectors and displaced persons from the great social civil war of our time.

Perhaps I will be mistaken, and you will never have a moment’s doubt for the rest of your lives. In that case, we must continue to oppose you, to try to contain the damage we believe you are doing.


Morse’s rhetoric has achieved a new level of extreme. It’s telling that her testimony does not once mention the existence of gays and lesbians or their families, but instead reduces those relationships to “homosexual activity.” Her arguments are now so far detached from reality that they do not warrant a research-based debunk. Instead, simply exposing her brash paranoid ego is enough to defame one of the largest anti-equality organizations in the country.