NOM Spokesperson Endorses Imprisonment For Lesbian Couples Who Are ‘Buying Sperm On Craigslist’

Over the past year, Jennifer Roback Morse of the National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute has become increasingly vitriolic in her anti-gay comments. She has openly endorsed ex-gay therapy and lifetime celibacy for gay people, she has warned parents not to let their kids have gay friends, she has suggested marriage equality will destroy society, and she has claimed same-sex couples can’t be monogamous because they can’t have children. In a new interview captured by Equality Matters, Morse blatantly suggests that lesbian couples who seek out sperm donors — or who are “buying sperm on Craigslist” — “should be in jail” because they treat their children like property and “chattel.” Zinnia Jones has the transcript:

MORSE: And what we’re doing now, Todd, as a result of the sexual revolution and all its fruits, is that we are in full-on retreat from human relationship between a man and a woman in order to create that child. So going online to buy sperm from a stranger is about as far as you can possibly get from the participation in divine love and divine creation. The fact that these two women want to have sex with each other has no bearing whatsoever on whether this should be permitted or not.You know, buying sperm on Craigslist should be abolished. Buying sperm at all should be abolished. And furthermore, these people should be in jail, I’m afraid.

I mean, you know, honestly, I just can’t even imagine where people think this is going to lead. You know, because the child is no longer a gift from God and a fruit of human love participating in God’s love. The child is now a product, manufactured by adults, and therefore the child cannot be fully the equal of its parent. The object cannot be the equal of its producer or its maker, you know. And so the further we go down this path, the further away we are going from the true ideal of equality before God, of equality before one another, of treating one another with dignity. And the child becomes a kind of chattel. So the legal complications and the sort of ick factor of all of this, it’s important to sort all that out and look at it, but let’s not take our eye off that ball, which is that we have defaced the creator’s plan and intention here by this behavior.

Listen to it:


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Morse’s point is a galling insult not just to the millions of same-sex couples raising children, but to any couple who’ve sought assistance in having a child, whether through surrogacy, sperm donation, fertility treatments, or even adoption and foster care. Her implication is that any children being raised by parents who are not biologically related will receive an inferior amount of love and support. Morse has a degree in economics; she has no business casting judgment about which children are “gifts from God” and which aren’t.