NOM Spokesperson: Gays Can ‘Stop Acting In A Gay Way’

The National Organization for Marriage’s Jennifer Roback Morse has been one of the most outspoken opponents of not only marriage equality, but homosexuality itself over the past year. Once again, this week, she used a radio interview to reiterate conservatives’ belief that homosexuality is a behavior, not an identity, and that ex-gay therapy works — all framed around NOM’s tactic about driving a wedge between the black and gay communities:

MORSE: When I was in Illinois a couple weeks ago testifying up there in Springfield about [same-sex marriage], there were quite a few African Americans there who who were speaking on our side of the issue, and just very clear that this is not a civil right — that it’s a behavioral-based thing. A person can stop acting in a gay way, but they can’t stop being black.

She went on to highlight the testimony of Linda Jernigan, who not only claims to be ex-gay, but believes that homosexuality is “rooted in Satan.” Listen to it (via Equality Matters):

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It’s important to note that Morse has no business speaking on behalf of African Americans; a poll earlier this week found that people of color support marriage equality at even higher rates than whites (61 percent and 57 percent respectively). Morse, more than almost any other anti-equality talking head, embodies the reality that theirs is a campaign not against marriage, but against homosexuality itself.