NOM’s Brian Brown: Obama Will Impose Gay Marriage On All Of Us

The National Organization for Marriage has confirmed the bizarre conclusion it alluded to earlier this week when it released a misleadingly edited clip of Michelle Obama’s speech to the Democratic National Convention. In a new fundraising email, NOM’s Brian Brown claimed that President Obama and the Democrats will actually force straight people to enter same-sex marriages:

Obama is running for re-election on a platform to re-define marriage for everyone.

But don’t take my word for it. Obama’s official, national platform has codified homosexual marriage as its policy for all Americans!

You see, Obama’s platform actually calls for the “full repeal of the so-called Defense of Marriage Act” and imposes “one man and one man” marriage on all of us. They even tried to throw God out of the picture entirely. […]


If Christians, marriage supporters, and people of faith sit on their hands, marriage will be re-defined like an outdated institution and homosexual marriage will become the law of the land.

These desperate attempts to scare NOM’s supporters are mind-boggling. The universe Brown imagines, in which straight people are not allowed to marry people of the opposite sex, is complete fiction. If anything, contemplating such a world should invoke sympathy for same-sex couples, who already know what it’s like to watch everyone else marry without having the privilege themselves. That’s just what the makers of the short film Love Is Love envisioned. Watch it: