NOM’s Gallagher: At Thanksgiving, Just Deny You’re Bigoted As You Oppose Equality

The National Organization for Marriage’s Maggie Gallagher has some special Thanksgiving advice (“handy ammo”) for her anti-gay followers. To proclaim your opposition to marriage equality at the dinner table, just follow these three simple steps:

1. State your position briefly.

2. Refute the charge of bigotry.

3. A call to tolerance. (Repeat as necessary… “or until they bring in the pie.”)

Watch it:

Maggie’s advice seems questionable. When demonstrating a “stubborn and complete intolerance” for someone else’s belief, simply saying it isn’t bigotry doesn’t mean that it isn’t bigotry. In fact, her model conveniently sets up the self-victimization NOM is so fond of, because it depends upon the idea that being intolerant of same-sex couple’s right to marry in no way contradicts “a call to tolerance.” As always, the “moral high ground” is more important than any appreciation for the actual experience of LGBT families.


Maggie claims this lopsided, asymmetrical approach is going to make the “pretty uncomfortable” dinner conversation somehow go smoother. In reality, she probably hopes that anyone who follows this advice provokes such an offensive reaction that they can be duped into further believing equality opponents are the true “victims” in the culture war.