North Carolina Business Faces Backlash For Defending Equality

Today the New York Times profiled Replacements Limited, a silver, china, and glassware shop in Greensboro whose owner strongly opposed Amendment One. Many wrote to him attacking his business, claiming they could never bring their children to the store and promising never to patronize him again. Bob Page defended his choices, saying, “I just refuse to hide. I did that way too many years and it’s just not healthy… My life is not about money.” The hostility Page has faced nullifies arguments made by opponents of marriage equality like the National Organization for Marriage, which claims that their supporters are the victims. In any political disagreement, both sides can often be targeted for their views and one is not “more” the victim than the other. Page should be applauded for standing up for his partner of 23 years and their 13-year-old twins, regardless of the backlash he’s faced.