North Carolina College Agrees To Stop Patronizing Chick-fil-A

Students at numerous universities are petitioning their administrations to end their contracts with Chick-fil-A because the company uses its profits to support anti-gay hate groups and ex-gay ministries. In many cases, this would involves evicting the fast food chain from its current place as an on-campus vendor, a significant endeavor. At Davidson College in North Carolina, however, it was a question of whether the college’s Union Board would continue to patronize Chick-fil-A and serve its food at its monthly “After Midnight” events on campus. In response to petition signatures from almost 500 students (over 25 percent of the entire student body), the Union Board said that it will find alternatives to Chick-fil-A until the full board can convene and make a permanent decision:

In response to the Chick-Fil-A petition we have been presented with,

We reached out to the Union Board members to begin initial conversations but because the board operates on consensus decision-making, a final decision is being put off until we can have face to face conversations and gather more student input. Until a final decision is made, alternative options will be served at After Midnight and other Union Board events. The Davidson College Union Board is firmly committed to building an inclusive community that serves each member of our student body.

Davidson is a private college that maintains a loose affiliation with the Presbyterian Church USA, which began ordaining gay and lesbian clergy last year. The campus maintains a nondiscrimination policy requiring that non-college groups that operate on campus not discriminate based on sexual orientation, protections not included in Chick-fil-A’s own corporate policies.