NOW the Post gets the Greenland Story Right

Thursday’s article on the impact of global warming on Greenland totally glossed over the impact of the melting ice sheet on the rest of humanity. Today, the same Post writer, Doug Struck, gets it right:

If all the ice on Greenland were to melt, the seas around the world would rise by 23 feet, submerging countless coastal cities. A modest three-foot rise would endanger 70 million people.

Too bad this story was buried on page 11 while the flawed story was on the front page where Sen. Inhofe (R-OK) couldn’t miss it (but could misquote it). Today’s story has other interesting and scary facts:

Greenland’s ice cap contains 800 trillion gallons of water and several outlet glaciers, huge rivers of ice that act as faucets from the ice cap. Those faucets are running faster. The Jakobshavn Glacier … has doubled its speed in five years and every day dumps enough ice into the sea to supply 20 to 30 New York Cities with water.


How fast is the “fastest-flowing glacier in the world” moving? A remarkable 135 feet per day, which 5.6 feet per hour or more than an inch per minute — you can watch it move. The glacier is moving faster than U.S. climate policy.

Semi-kudos to the Post.