NRA Board Member Ted Nugent Says Gun Owners Will Be The Next Rosa Parks

Pro-gun extremists are up in arms over rumors that Vice President Joe Biden’s task force is mulling an executive order to combat gun violence. National Rifle Association board member and musician Ted Nugent is the latest public figure to stoke hysteria, comparing gun owners to civil rights hero Rosa Parks.

In an interview with conspiracy website WorldNetDaily, Nugent falsely claimed that an executive order would confiscate guns, a popular myth in the right-wing blogosphere. He encouraged gun owners to model the 1960s civil rights movement and Rosa Parks, who became an icon after she refused to give her seat up on a segregated bus:

If it comes to the actual implementation of an actual confiscatory directive from our president, then I do believe that the heroes of the law enforcement will defy this order. I do believe that there are enough soulless sheep within our government who would act on such an illegal order but I believe the powers that be at the local, state, and regional law enforcement would halt such an illegal, anti-American order…These are top notch heroes of law enforcement and military who understand this experiment in self-government and we will not let it [gun confiscation] happen, we will do it peaceful. But there will come a time when the gun owners of America, the law-abiding gun owners of America, will be the Rosa Parks and we will sit down on the front seat of the bus, case closed.

Since the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre in December, the NRA and pro-gun advocates have tried to argue that gun owners are the true victims. Comparisons of President Obama to the totalitarian regimes of Hitler, Stalin, and Chavez are flying around the conservative blogosphere. Nugent, a reliable conspiracy theorist, is actually more moderate to advocate peaceful resistance and faith in law enforcement. In comparison, former NRA president Marion Hammer recently urged armed insurrection against the Obama administration, which she claimed was preparing to take away guns to “control the masses.”


Realistically, as Media Matters notes, any executive order would likely focus on background checks or existing regulations.