NRATV host feels bullied by Parkland teen using swear words

One day before the March For Our Lives, NRATV host Grant Stinchfield attacked activist David Hogg.

NRA president Wayne LaPierre addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference. CREDIT: Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call
NRA president Wayne LaPierre addresses the Conservative Political Action Conference. CREDIT: Photo By Tom Williams/CQ Roll Call

Just one day after saying he would not attack young people leading and participating in the March For Our Lives protest, NRATV host Grant Stinchfield lashed out at Parkland shooting survivor and gun control activist David Hogg over a video where Hogg, a badass, called the NRA “sick fuckers.”

“What sick fuckers are out there that want to continue to sell more guns, murder more children, and honestly just get reelected?” Hogg says in the video of an interview he did with The Outline. “What type of person are you when you want to see more fucking money than children’s lives? What type of shitty person does that?”

Stinchfield, who has dedicated his time on NRATV recently to attacking the March for Our Lives as a socialist plot to take down America (seriously), lashed out at Hogg and the “mainstream media” over the comments Friday.

“Will the reporters ask the young man, a Parkland survivor, who inserted himself into this national debate on guns, about a recent Twitter video rant he went on? It is profanity-laced and about as harsh as you can get.”

Stinchfield says he wouldn’t doesn’t want to censor Hogg but that he does want to know where his parents are. He also asked whether the “hateful” comments would cause anyone to boycott Saturday’s March for Our Lives.


“Will anyone boycott tomorrow’s march over David’s comments? Will Oprah and George Clooney denounce his hate for gun owners across America?” he asked. “Will companies refuse to support the march tomorrow? Of course the answer is no, but will the media ask David about his NRA-targeted, profanity-laced tirade? No. The media will ignore it.”

That, he says, gets to the heart of the problem with the media. Stinchfield went on to criticize Hogg using one of the student’s tweets from earlier this month asking people to work together and not to attack each other.

“Now, he just called me a child murderer,” Stinchfield says. “They have continued to lash out at Dana Loesch, myself, and others here on NRATV, and NRA members. What David did in his video doesn’t live up to the message. Will the mainstream media simply ask him about it? You know that’s not the case and you know they will not.”

On his show, Stinchfield has been arguing that the March For Our Lives is not actually organized by Hogg and other young activists, but rather the Women’s March organizers. His rant Friday comes just one day after he said he was above attacking young people.

“My question is are the kids, who I believe are really being used as human shields in all of this, do they know the violent rhetoric behind the organizers of this march? They probably don’t,” Stinchfield said Thursday on his show. “And when I say they’re being used as human shields, I mean it this way: The organizers of this march know that we would never attack these young people that are passionate about things they believe in, but we will go after the organizers. They are not off limits, and they need to be exposed.”


Editors at The Outline, who originally published the interview with Hogg Stinchfield is referencing, hit the NRA in a statement to ThinkProgress.

“The fact that the NRA wants to confront a teenager’s strong language rather than the dead bodies of teenagers says everything you need to know about the NRA,” the statement from Katie Drummond and Josh Topolsky said. “We support anyone trying to bring about sane gun control in this country, no matter how many times they say fuck.”