NY Times reposts Inhofe’s gleeful disinformation — with no balance at all

I have long said blogging is problematic for professional journalists (see “What exactly is the difference between journalism and blogging?”).

But if reporters are going to blog — if their editors are going to insist on it as part of their jobs — then they have to make some semblance to not be mere stenographers. The New York Times Green blog is not PR Newswire.

So I was a bit surprised when John Broder simply republished Sen. Inhofe’s disinformation, including his video, in a post Senator Inhofe: “I Was Right and They Were Wrong,” which included mean-spirited nonsense like this:

“The fact is, nothing is going to happen in Cancºn this year and everyone knows it. I couldn’t be happier and poor Al Gore couldn’t be more upset: it has been widely reported that he is ‘depressed’ about Cancºn.”

This is high school stuff — Glee, without the songs, with Inhofe in the roll of Sue Sylvester.

The only thing more inane than Inhofe saying this is the NY Times reposting it — three times, actually (once in the video, then in the body, and finally in the transcript).


Gore isn’t ‘depressed’ about Cancun. He’s delighted that climate hawks from around the globe come together to try however imperfectly to address the greatest crisis humanity has ever faced. If he’s downbeat about anything it’s that people like Inhofe get to spread their disinformation with the help of an uncritical media.

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