Obama: “Any Effort to Tie Keystone to the Payroll Tax Cut, I Will Reject”

Politico reports this news coming from President Obama’s joint appearance with Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper:

“Any effort to tie Keystone to the payroll tax cut, I will reject. So everybody can be on notice,” Obama said in a warning to Congressional Republicans.

“If the payroll tax cut is attached to a whole bunch of extraneous issues, not related to making sure that the American people’s taxes don’t go up on January 1, then it’s not something that I’m going to accept. I don’t expect to have to veto it because I expect they’re going to have enough sense over on Capitol Hill to do the people’s business and not try to load it up with a bunch of politics,” Obama said.

House Speaker John Boehner spokesman Brendan Buck fires back: “We are working on a bill to stop a tax hike, protect Social Security, reform unemployment insurance, and create jobs. If President Obama threatens to veto it over a provision that creates American jobs, that’s a fight we’re ready to have.”


It would appear Obama is eager for this fight, since it pits the 99% who benefit from the payroll tax with the 1% who benefit from the tar sands pipeline.