Obama Talks (And Tweets) Climate Change. Will Biden Tonight?

On Tuesday, President Obama tweeted out a short version of his convention comments on climate to his 20 million twitter followers.

Today, Obama added a slightly tweaked version of his convention riff to his stump speech at his University of Miami speech in Coral Gables (full video here):

Yes my plan will reduce the carbon pollution that is heating the planet. Because climate change is not a hoax. More drought and floods and hurricanes and wildfires, that’s not a joke. That’s a threat to our children’s future. And we can do something about it.

And yes, as semi-delighted as I am that the president is talking about climate change (at least to university audiences), I really wish he would stop repeating the “hoax” myth in trying to debunk it. So let’s call this “modified rapture.”


Will Biden bring up this issue in tonight’s debate even if the moderator does not? He will if he looks at the polls and public opinion analysis (see Krosnick: Candidates “May Actually Enhance Turnout As Well As Attract Voters Over To Their Side By Discussing Climate Change”).