Occupy Athens Scores Victory As Commissioners Place 90-Day Hold On Wal-Mart Construction

Last week, Occupy Athens teamed up with Georgia Democratic Party State Treasurer Russell Edwards to campaign against the construction of a massive Wal-Mart in the heart of downtown Athens, one of the country’s most classic college towns.

Yesterday, Occupy Athens, Edwards, and the thousands of Athens residents who signed a petition assembled by Edwards against the Wal-Mart’s construction won a small victory. Two Athens-Clarke County commissions, Alice Kinman and Kelly Girtz placed a 90-day hold on the construction “under a local law that allows the commission to stop historic buildings from being torn down.” Girtz explained that the hold will give everyone “breathing room” to discuss the retail development.


“I strongly suggest we email Alice Kinman and Kelly Girtz and thank them for their action. We have long said that the commissioners have courses of actions than can be taken. Thanking them would show good faith,” writes Georgia Politico’s Dustin Baker, noting the following e-mail addresses for the two commissioners: kelly.girtz@athensclarkecounty.com and alice.kinman@athensclarkecounty.com. Meanwhile, Edwards’s petition against the construction has reached almost 15,000 signatures.

It should be noted that there are already two Wal-Mart locations in the city of Athens that are fully accessible to residents.