Occupy Chicago Mic Checks Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel has had a hostile relationship with Occupy Chicago, repeatedly ordering the group to be kicked out of public spaces rather than allowing them to exercise their First Amendment rights. Emmanuel has also raised the ire of the group by championing a budget that will shutter half of the mental health clinics in the city and harmed many other social services.

Today, while delivering a presentation on a new winter attraction in Chicago, Emanuel was confronted by Occupy Chicago. As the mayor was speaking, a cry of “Mic Check!” rang out, and protesters started delivering complaints about Emanuel’s budget and his attacks on free speech. The protesters also tried to deliver a petition requesting access to a public space to continue their 24/7 protest. Emanuel cut his speech short to escape the demonstration. Watch NBC Chicago’s video from the incident:

Earlier, Occupy Chicago attended a town hall meeting of Alderman Joe Moore, taking him to task for supporting Emanuel’s budget. Watch them confronting Moore here.