Occupy DC Flash Mob Interrupts Union Station Event Featuring Walmart Executive Rob Walton

As the 99 Percent Movement grows and occupations and protests spread throughout the country, demonstrators are picking new and innovative ways to battle corporate greed and income inequality.

Last night, Conservation International held a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser at Union Station in Washington, DC featuring Walmart board chairman Rob Walton and Wes Bush, CEO and president of arms manufacturer Northrop Grumman.

As Alternet’s Addie Stan points out, Conservation International has been caught in major acts of greenwashing — touching up the environmental record of anti-environmental policies and actors — including defending BP. More than 100 Occupy DC protesters joined with activists from Respect DC and flooded the event, chanting against Walmart’s anti-worker policies. As Stan reports, actor Harrison Ford was also in attendance, and a protester with “with a trumpet played a fine rendition of the theme from ‘Indiana Jones.’” Watch video of the flash mob:

After about half an hour of protesting the fundraiser, protesters left the event — but not without leaving behind a reminder of their cause. They tied a banner reading “Are You The 99 Percent?” to a gaggle of balloons and let it drift up to the ceiling of Union Station (you can see it in the video posted above at around 1:28).