O’Donnell Suggests That God Wants Her To Be Elected So That She Can Filibuster In Lame Duck Session

In an interview with the conservative Christian Broadcasting Network, Delaware GOP Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell suggested that the almighty has “strengthen[ed] and empower[ed]” her campaign so that she can be around to filibuster during the lame duck session:

God continued to strengthen and empower us when, you know, His strength is perfected in our weakness, and that’s what’s exciting. Because you see that, if it weren’t for faith — when all logic said it’s time to quit — we pursued; we marched on, because we knew that God was not releasing us to quit.And now, with such an important lame duck session, you realize why we were to endure that stuff. […]

I could be that 41st vote, making sure that they don’t get 60 votes, and that we can continue the filibuster to make sure that this backroom deal wheeling and dealing doesn’t succeed.

Watch it:


Because O’Donnell is running in a special election to fill out the remainder of Vice President Joe Biden’s senate term, the winner of her race will join the Senate in time for the lame duck session. In its segment on the O’Donnell interview, CBN flags the GOP’s plan to cut taxes on the superrich as a key vote where O’Donnell can make a difference during that session. Apparently, O’Donnell thinks that God has flip-flopped on His longstanding position on rich people.

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