Oh the Stories They Tell

There is a proverb that states, “As long as the hunter is telling the story, the lion will never win.” This observation proves true when one considers the 2005 Republican Freedom Calendar, a revisionist history of the Civil Rights Movement. This government publication is another example of taxpayers’ money funding conservative propaganda. But one still can’t help but be shocked by the claims made in this latest pandering production.

One “fact” of interest is the labeling of Jackie Robinson as a Republican. However, Robinson’s political alliances were not clearly defined. After campaigning for Democrat Hubert Humphrey in the presidential primary, Robinson voted for Nixon in the 1960 general election but declared that “he voted not for the party but for the candidate.” However, his “fears disappeared with the news of Kennedy’s public objections to the persecution of Martin Luther King,” and Robinson went on to support the Democratic administration of John F. Kennedy. Additionally, in 1964 and 1968, he supported the Democratic Party candidates for president.


From his writings and letters, available through the Library of Congress, it is clear that labeling Robinson a Republican is inaccurate. But as long as the hunter is telling the story…