Ohio Grandma Demands Apology From Right-Wing Group Over Anti-Labor Ad: ‘They Stole My Words’

Ohio voters will go to the polls next month to vote on Senate Bill 5, an anti-labor law that eradicates the rights of public employees like firefighters, police, and teachers to collectively bargain. As ThinkProgress reported, conservative group Building A Better Ohio recently aired an ad that spliced the words of an Ohio grandmother who opposes the law to make it seem like she supported it. Yesterday, that grandmother — 78-year-old Marlene Quinn — demanded an apology. “They stole my words,” she told WCPO. “I did not say I was voting yes. I said I was voting no. I think they insulted my son and my great granddaughter and me and I think they owe us an apology.” Her son and great granddaughter were saved by firefighters from a burning house, and she support their workers’ rights. Watch it:


More than two dozen television stations have pulled Building A Better Ohio’s ad. And yet, the group’s spokesman said, “We absolutely stand by the ad, and we will not agree to pull it or replace it.