Ohio legislator’s bill dictates that men should have final say on abortion.

State Rep. John Adams (R-OH) has re-introduced radical legislation that would prevent a woman from having an abortion until she gets written consent from the biological father. As proposed, the bill triggers criminal penalties against women for “providing a false biological father.” Adams says the “first-degree misdemeanor” would be punishable with up to “six months” in jail and a “$1,000 fine.” Labeled by Adams as a “father’s right bill,” the lawmaker would give men the final say on abortion in the state of Ohio:

In the case where the father isn’t known, House Bill 252 would compel the woman to provide a list of names of people who may be the father in an effort to determine paternity. The bill also would make it a crime for women to lie about who the father is, and make it illegal for doctors to perform abortions without the father’s consent.The bill would force a woman to have a child if the father does not agree to an abortion.

“That child should be born, not killed,” Adams said.

Adams first introduced the legislation in 2007. Already, this bill has at least 15 co-sponsors. Pro-Choice Ohio issued a statement saying Adams’ bill “is a clear attack on a woman’s freedom and privacy.” AJ at Feminists For Choice says the bill is “another mechanism for demonizing and isolating women who have sex.” (HT: Pam’s House Blend)