Ohio Republican Party Spokesman on Franken Smear: ‘It Is What It Is’

Yesterday, the Ohio Republican party distributed a press release claiming comedian Al Franken compared conservative to Nazis “who should drink poison and die.” The quote, represented as fact in the press release, came from a fabricated “satire” piece by right-wing author Bernard Goldberg.

The news release was also accompanied by a doctored photo of Franken, showing him dressed up like a baby bunny, wearing adult diapers and clutching a white teddy bears.

ThinkProgress contacted Ohio Republican party spokesman John McClelland, who issued the release, for comment. Here’s what he told us:

When someone gets under his skin [Franken] can’t handle it. He gets on his radio program and tries to get people fired up. … What goes around comes around. … It is what it is, nothing more.


Told of McClelland’s comments, Franken responded, “That’s an apology?”