On CNN, Giuliani shouts over tape of 1998 interview exposing his hypocrisy

President Trump's lawyer said it was "really unfair" to be debunked by himself

Rudy Giuliani on CNN
Rudy Giuliani on CNN on Friday. CREDIT: CNN Screenshot

Earlier this month, former New York City Mayor turned Donald Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani claimed that the president cannot be subpoenaed — a legal argument that flatly contradicted an argument he himself made in 1998 during the investigation of President Bill Clinton.  On Friday, CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked him about the contradiction; he simply started shouting.

First, Cuomo asked him how he could make the claim that contradicted his earlier argument. “I never heard of a subpoena for the president’s person,” Giuliani argued. “Let’s distinguish between a subpoena for documents and a subpoena that takes the President out of the oval office and puts him in front of a grand jury or hearing. Can’t do it. Can’t do the second. You can’t do the first.”

When Cuomo noted that that was exactly what was going on in 1998 when was asked by Charlie Rose whether Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr could bring Clinton before a grand jury, Giuliani responded, “Oh come on. It’s not even relevent.”

Cuomo then played the clip in which Rose specifically asked Giuliani, “If the president is asked to testify, subpoenaed to testify before a grand jury and says no, not gonna do it?” and the former federal prosecutor had responded, “You gotta do it.”


As Cuomo played the clip, an angered Giuliani screamed, “That’s really unfair. What you’re doing right now is extremely unfair. It’s the reason people don’t come on this show.

Giuliani then changed the subject, slamming CNN for giving airtime to Stormy Daniels’ lawyer, Michael Avenatti, calling him an “ambulance chaser.”