On flight back to Texas, Gonzales cried, received a kiss from Bush.

Immediately after President Obama’s swearing-in yesterday, George W. Bush and a group of his loyalists — including Margaret Spellings, Karl Rove, and Alberto Gonzales — flew back to Texas for a “welcome home” rally. Cox News reporter Ken Herman caught up with Gonzales, who shared some of the moments from the plane ride:

GONZALES: The last thing he said as he was getting off the plane — he kissed me on the forehead — and he said, “Just stay strong.” […]

HERMAN: Any tears shed on the plane by anybody?

GONZALES: By me, yeah. There were a few.



GONZALES: Just pride. Just love and appreciation for the man and what he did, Ken. I feel — being on this trip did a lot for me, in terms of just making me realize — it was a small part, but I played a part in protecting our country, and I take a great deal of pride in that.

When asked whether he still feels “good” about his service, Gonzales replied, “Absolutely. Even better.” Watch it:


Fox News was the only network to carry a live telecast of Bush’s homecoming in Midland, TX.