On Oct. 15, The 99 Percent Movement Goes Global As Hundreds Of Protests In 71 Countries Are Planned

Since the occupation of Wall Street began on Sept. 17, additional protest actions have sprung up across the country. The protests found their inspiration in the outbreak of protests in the Arab world known as the Arab Spring.

On Saturday, global activists in 719 cities in 71 countries are planning protests in the same spirit as the American 99 Percent Movement and the Middle East’s Arab Spring. The demonstrations aim to bolster local democracy and to protest the tight concentration of economic and political power by a global elite. Although the protests will all be coordinated for Saturday, the various causes and demands will vary by the region the demonstrations are occurring in. As organizers are explaining, the solutions being proposed will be both global and local.

The YouTube account united15october made a video charting out the protest movements that are rocking the world this year and calling for people to join demonstrations this Saturday. Watch it:

Late last month, the New York Times chronicled the rise in global protest movements, saying they are arising because citizens are losing faith in the ability of the ballot box alone to bring about change. “The political system has abandoned its citizens,” explained one Israeli social justice protester to the Times. “We have lost a sense of responsibility for one another.”


You can use the Oct. 15 United For Global Change website to find an action near you. Activists will be using the hashtags #15O, #globalrevolution, #globalchange, and #unitedforchange on Twitter to organize the protests as well.