On the Issues

Already you can here the usual crowd braying that just because people may want to vote for Barack Obama doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to see a progressive agenda enacted. Thus, it’s worth noting the survey data showing just the reverse, that preference for Obama is strongly tied to preference for a progressive agenda:

People prefer his approach to tax and budget matters, to Iraq, to health care, to energy and the environment, to social issues like abortion and gay rights, to immigration, and to education. Nor has Obama somehow hid his progressive agenda from the population:

Like voters overall, majorities of swing voters describe Obama as liberal (54%) and McCain as conservative (58%). Looking at the average ideological ratings given by swing voters, Barack Obama is seen as about as far to the left as John McCain is to the right.

The voters felt they had a choice between a liberal and a conservative, and felt they preferred the liberal and his policy agenda.