On The Streets In The Nation’s Capital


There are more than 11,000 homeless people living in and around the nation’s capital.

ThinkProgress has dedicated a portion of our coverage on Wednesday, June 29 to elevating their stories, examining the city’s policies toward the homeless, and looking at how people bounce back.

The realities of homelessness often defy rampant cultural stereotypes. There are many different paths into life on the street, as Sasha, Jennifer, and Waldon explained to us, while the road back to stability is deceptively simple:

Our reporters join D.C.’s Street Sense and DCist to illustrate the state of homelessness in the District through the lens of those experiencing it — and those fighting for solutions. This focus was inspired by a similar movement by more than 70 San Francisco news organizations to examine their city’s homeless crisis on the same day.


We’ve provided links to each featured story below, and we’ll update the list to include new stories as the day goes on. For more stories on homeless issues across the country and world, follow ThinkProgress’ past coverage.

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A too-common hardship, even harder for undocumented immigrants.

Homelessness non-profits are used to surviving on meager budgets, but this one just got a cash infusion from Oprah Winfrey.

Smartphones are a lifeline, not a luxury.

City leaders crack down on homeless campers.

America is far from a global leader on combating homelessness.

Going homeless shouldn’t mean going voteless.

Climate change disproportionately affects people experiencing homelessness.