One Million Moms ‘Highly Offended’ By Pride Oreo, But Stops Short Of Boycott

ABC News may have invented the Kraft Foods boycott over the Pride Month Oreo, but One Millions Moms’ inevitable response doesn’t exactly change the story from fiction to fact. The hate-group affiliated organization lashed out at Kraft Foods today over the rainbow cookie posted on Facebook, urging supporters to write the company that they are “highly offended” that Oreos would claim to “Proudly support love!”

What’s telling is that though the response insinuates a boycott — “There are plenty of cookies on the market for moms to buy for their families that do not support liberal causes. We have a choice.” — it stops short of even using the word. Perhaps OMM knows that Kraft products are so ubiquitous that its already unsuccessful protest efforts would have substantial trouble gaining steam. It’s much easier to convince social conservatives to submit a form email than to empty out half their pantries.

It’s worth noting that the group conceded that having a “neutral” position on LGBT issues is, in effect, the same as having their anti-LGBT position:

One Million Moms will continue to support companies in the future with full understanding where they stand on principles and morality. We will choose to stay away from those who do not support moral decency.

Kraft needs to hear from you. Supporting the homosexual agenda verses remaining neutral in the cultural war is just bad business. If Christians cannot find corporate neutrality with Kraft then they will vote with their pocketbook and support companies that are neutral. Send your email letter to Oreo (Kraft Foods) now!

It’s true: “remaining neutral” and “standing on [conservative] principles and morality” are the same. Choosing not to recognize the diversity of the LGBT community is to help maintain its invisibility and exclusion from society. The Oreo ad didn’t testify before Congress, file an amicus brief, or take a position on a ballot initiative as many companies have — it merely recognized a community and its culture. For OMM, that alone was enough to “disrespect millions of American families by supporting the homosexual agenda.”


Oreo boasts that it is “America’s Favorite Cookie,” and it proved this week that it is a cookie for all Americans. OMM’s ideal version of the country is one where LGBT don’t even exist.