One thing you can do to resist Trump

The time is now.

It’s sad to watch but journalists are sucking up to Trump in a transparent bid for access.

  • Mike Allen, one of the most prominent journalists in D.C., said that Trump had “done more than any POTUS-elect ever.”
  • Rick Klein, the Political Director for ABC News, described confirmation hearings of Trump’s nominees to top cabinet posts as “less compelling” than Trump’s tweets.
  • A reporter from the New York Times scored a phone interview with Trump and only asked about Meryl Streep.

If you want to support journalism that is about accountability — not access—please support ThinkProgress and our Trump Investigative Fund.

We set a goal of $250,000 and have less than $50,000 to go. Even $10 makes a difference.


ThinkProgress is doing the hard work every day to hold Trump accountable:

  • In a tweet Monday morning, Trump claimed credit for Fiat Chrysler’s decision to create 2,000 jobs in the United States. Within two hours, we contacted a spokeswoman for Fiat Chrysler, who confirmed the decision was actually made in 2015, and we delivered the facts to our audience.
  • In a statement released after receiving an intelligence briefing last Friday, Trump claimed that Wikileaks, whether it was fed information by Russia or not, had no impact on the election. The next day, we released a compilation of the 164 times Trump had talked about Wikileaks in the last 30 days of the campaign.
  • Our exclusive investigation revealed that Kuwait, under political pressure, moved its annual event to the Trump Hotel. Our story was cited by USA Today as evidence of Trump’s corruption and “exactly what the Founding Fathers were trying to protect against.”

If you value this kind of reporting, please contribute any amount, even $15, to the Trump Investigative Fund. Or kick in $40 and we’ll send you a T-shirt.

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Now that Trump has taken the oath of office the challenge of holding Trump accountable grows exponentially.

We need to file Freedom of Information Act requests, monitor government contracts, and communicate with whistle blowers. We need more resources, because we have so much more work to do.

If we reach our goal, we will hire two additional reporters to accelerate and expand this work.

The election is over, but the future is unwritten. Join us as we resist.