Only five black RNC members — including the two running for chairman.

After their party’s defeat in November, Republicans have spoken at length about reaching out to minority voters. Yet as the Republican National Committee meets in Washington today to vote on a new chairman, Politico reports that there are only five black committee members, including the two — Michael Steele and Ken Blackwell — who are running for chairman:

Glenn McCall, the committeeman for South Carolina, nominated his home-state chairman, Katon Dawson. And Keith Butler, the committeeman for Michigan, nominated Michigander Saul Anuzis.

There is only one other black RNC member: Ada Fisher, the North Carolina committeewoman who supports Dawson.

There are no black Republican members of Congress; the three Cuban-Americans, one Vietnamese-American, and one Hispanic represent the caucus’ entire minority membership. No wonder Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) warned yesterday that the GOP was becoming “a regional party.



In the first ballot, current chairman Mike Duncan received 52 votes and Michael Steele won 46, with the other three candidates trailing by a large margin.