Open Thread and Toles Cartoon of the Week

Opine away.

As a bonus, here’s Toles’ blog post on “Huffing and puffing”:

“Experts are enlarging the area of the U.S. they believe is regularly in the path of severe storms, tornadoes, and hail damage.”

I’ll keep this simple. Climate change deniers used to ask, “Where’s the evidence of change?” This was the trump card in their thin deck. “Where’s the evidence of change? If the climate were warming, we’d see evidence of it by now. Where’s the evidence?” This is what they said. Go back and look. They represented the question as telling.


Now the evidence is in. And everywhere. And ferocious. And what do the deniers say now? “Climate changes all the time, all by itself!”

This is not just a different position, it is a different position that means when you answer one question for them, they forget that they ever asked it and switch around to a completely different position. That is the mark of a predetermined answer looking for any argument at hand. Climate denial changes all the time, all by itself!