Open Thread Plus African Land Grab Cartoon

A penny for your cyber-thoughts.

Nature news reports the story, “African land grabs hinder sustainable development — Sales of forest land to corporations are dispossessing inhabitants and harming ecosystems”:

A scramble to buy African land is threatening the continent’s sustainable development, according to reports launched today at the Royal Society in London.

Of the 203 million hectares of land deals reported worldwide between 2000 and 2010, two-thirds were in Africa. The acquisitions are dispossessing millions of Africans of their land, to make way for expansive forestry and mineral projects and plantations, say a series of briefs and a report published by the Rights and Resources Initiative (RRI)….


“The global report shows the scale of the issue as never before: three-quarters of Africa’s population and two-thirds of the landscape are at risk,” says Andy White, who coordinates the RRI.

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