O’Reilly identifies ‘the far left blogs’ as his #1 enemy.

In their interview with Bill O’Reilly this morning, the ladies of The View failed to question him about his comments on rape or his record of stalking and harassing his perceived enemies. Instead, they let O’Reilly make a series of attacks that went unchallenged:

BARBARA WALTERS: Who are your current enemies?

O’REILLY: I have enemies all over, Barbara. Come on. Is this a telethon? I mean…

WALTERS: Number one. You just said every day, every week you look for a new enemy. Number one enemy at this moment.


O’REILLY: I would say the far left blogs. I mean, they’re just everyday.

JOY BEHAR: Do you like having those enemies?

O’REILLY: No. I don’t. But my job is to hold accountable the powerful people in this country. And if they do stuff that’s dishonest, I’m going after them. And we do.

Of course, that would have been a perfect opening to ask O’Reilly about whether his “harassment machine” is the right way to go after his opponents. But O’Reilly escaped unscathed. Watch it:


Over at the Huffington Post, Adele Stan writes, “In letting O’Reilly slide by as they did, they enabled this known misogynist, allowing him to appear before a female audience as a nice-enough guy — not one who would ever send a couple of guys out to stalk your daughter while she’s on vacation.”