O’Reilly issues correction after claiming Moyers doesn’t pay staff’s health insurance.

Last month, Fox News’s Bill O’Reilly attacked Bill Moyers on his TV show, calling him “a charlatan who epitomizes the left-wing media in this country and doesn’t even pay his employees’ health insurance.” But last night, O’Reilly ate his words and issued a correction:

First, one correction. A few days ago I said that Bill Moyers does not pay health insurance for some of his employees. The Moyers people say that is not true, and at this point, I believe them. I regret the error. We’re not fans of Mr. Moyers, but he does deserve to be treated fairly.

Watch it:



O’Reilly claimed he made his mistake only “a few days ago.” But, in fact, his false attack against Moyers occurred over a month ago.