O’Reilly Marks Fox’s 10th Anniversary With Powerful Insight About Women’s Shoes

Ten years ago today, Rupert Murdoch changed the face of cable news with the premier broadcast of the Fox News Channel. Last night, Bill O’Reilly reminded us just how much the “fair and balanced” network has, in the words of Roger Ailes, “changed the dialogue about news and information.”

His segment started out, “What is it with the shoes, ladies? I’m not getting this.” Watch it:


Outfoxed has a more complete 10th anniversary tribute.


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Time now for the most ridiculous item of the day. What is it with the shoes, ladies? I’m not getting this. I have five pair of shoes. They all look the same. Black and brown, that’s it. Chances are you have many, many more shoes than I do. And here what happens you fall down. Some of these shoes are dopey, you can’t walk in them. Why would anybody wear shoes you can’t walk in? I don’t know. But I do know it’s ridiculous.