O’Reilly on ThinkProgress: ‘All Decent Americans Should Reject These Haters’

Last night, Bill O’Reilly attacked ThinkProgress and Media Matters, falsely claiming we encouraged our readers to complain to NPR because their contributors appear on Fox. Watch it:

A quick fact check:

1. ThinkProgress never encouraged anyone to contact NPR, nor did we criticize them for allowing their contributors to appear on Fox. We noted that one of their contributors, Mara Liasson, falsely claimed “it’s Democrats not just Republicans taking money from Abramoff.” In fact, only Republicans accepted campaign contributions from Abramoff.

2. MediaMatters did encourage its readers to contact NPR, but only to note the inaccuracy of Liasson’s statement, not to complain that she appeared on Fox. In fact, MediaMatters is a strong advocate of more ideological diversity on Fox, including the O’Reilly Factor.


3. The NPR ombudsman, Jeffery Dworkin, claims ThinkProgress and Media Matters misinterpreted Liasson’s comments due to a misplaced comma in the original Fox transcript. In fact, we didn’t use the Fox transcript; we transcribed the segment directly from the video. (Note: this isn’t the first time Liasson has gotten her facts wrong about Abramoff’s contributions.) Nevertheless, we updated our original post with a link to Dworkin’s column so readers could judge for themselves.


O’REILLY: [T]he ombudsman for NPR recently lashed out a two dishonest far-left websites, Media Matters and ThinkProgress, for urging their readers to complain the National Public Radio because some of their contributors appear here on the Fox News channel. Jeffery Dworkin wrote, “The blogs encouraged people to complain to NPR and hundreds did, many with a surprising level of rancor and vituperation, which was shockingly intense, even in these times of take-no-prisoners-and-shoot-the-wounded political debate.” The ombudsman has learned firsthand how vicious the far left blogs are. All decent Americans should reject these haters.