O’Reilly questions whether ‘Barack the Magic Negro’ song is ‘mean-spirited.’

Yesterday, Bill O’Reilly discussed the controversy surrounding RNC chair candidate Chip Saltsman’s Christmas greeting that contained a CD with the now-infamous song, “Barack the Magic Negro.” But O’Reilly didn’t seem to understand the offensive nature of song, asking, “Well, what about the satire — what about the satirical element of this?”

O’REILLY: I want to get — I want Dr. Hill to clarify one thing. What is mean-spirited? What’s mean-spirited about satirizing Al Sharpton’s disenchantment that Barack Obama stole the spotlight? What is mean- spirited about that?


O’Reilly cautioned viewers: “But in order for us to report on this, we have to play some of the satire. So be forewarned.” Watch it: