Orszag: Calls to Delay Health Reform are an Effort to Kill It

Faiz Shakir has the video of Peter Orszag making the point that a lot of folks arguing that we need to slow the health reform train down don’t actually have any ideas to contribute, they’re just trying to kill reform:

ORSZAG: We have to remember: there are some who are advocating delay simply because they don’t have anything to put on the table. The typical Washington bureaucratic game of — ‘if you don’t have a better alternative, just delay in the hope that that kills something’ is partly what’s playing out here.

Faiz reminds us that this is the explicit strategy of some in the GOP:


A strategy memo authored by GOP consultant Alex Castellanos suggests that “it is crucial for Republicans to slow down what it calls ‘the Obama experiment with our health.’” The memo concludes, “If we slow this sausage-making process down, we can defeat it

, and advance real reform that will actually help.”

Orszag was kind enough not to drag House Blue Dogs or the Senate’s “Gang of Six” into this critique. Still, it is what it is. For 2009, the key Republican Party priority is to kill health care reform. For July of 2009, the key Republican Party tactical gambit is to advance the cause of killing health care reform by pushing for delays. And reality doesn’t suddenly change when the party labels flip. Democrats who are spending July of 2009 pushing for delay in health care reform are joining in a tactical gambit whose purpose is to advance the cause of killing health care reform.