Oscars To Get New Producer To Confirm Hollywood’s Self-Delusions

This sort of got lost in our conversation yesterday, but now that Brett Ratner has done the classiest thing he’s accomplished and ages and pulled out of his Oscar producing gig after making remarks insensitive to both gay people and the craft he purports to work in, I’m curious to see who the Academy picks to replace him. What would have been interesting about Ratner actually doing the job is it would be an acknowledgment that Hollywood’s biggest celebration of itself is about its actual core values — popular and commercial success — rather than its stated core values — artistry, innovation, and social progress. As much as I’d like to see a reconciliation between those two sets of values, if Hollywood’s going to stick to the former, I’d rather be honest about it. Maybe have some explosions and Eddie Murphy in a body suit that makes him look like a heavy woman. And then force a lot of folks in uncomfortable designer clothes sit through it for four hours live while the rest of us watch them get bored, uncomfortable, and a little sick from movie theater popcorn in the comfort of our own homes. That seems about fair, doesn’t it?