There’s been a call for more outrage around here, so let me share my outrage about the Federal Marriage Amendment. Or, rather, let me share my outrage about the goodly number of conservatives here in town who know perfectly well that this is a absurd, bigoted piece of political posturing and are holding their silence anyway. Andrew Sullivan wrings his hands over some recent outings of closeted staffers working for pro-FMA members, and while I sympathize with his concerns, the moral cesspool in which the staffers in question are choosing to dwell is really what sticks in my craw. Sure, sure, sure you can tell yourself, I can vote for — even work for — a pro-FMA Member knowing perfectly well that it will never become law. But still: What kind of a person are you if you choose to participate in such a shoddy, sordid little endeavor as pretending to try and pass a totally unnecessary constitutional amendment in order to whip up a little public hysteria about the totally illusory threat that gay marriage poses to this sacred institution? There’s some deeply, deeply troubled people lurking about.