Overwhelming Support for Renewable Tax Package

Over 100 retailers, manufacturers, and trade and advocacy groups have sent a familiar message to the Senate: Pass the Renewable Energy Tax Package!

About two weeks ago over 500 members of the American Council On Renewable Energy (ACORE) also sent a letter to Congress encouraging the renewable of the production and investment tax credits. Ever since these tax provisions were cut from December’s energy bill, support for them has been snowballing.

There is no coincidence to this latest bombardment. This is the umpteenth time the 110th Congress has attempted to pass the tax credits and repeal tax breaks for oil companies. (Okay, ‘umpteenth’ is an exaggeration…. Still, this is anything BUT a new battle.) Bush still threatens to veto the legislation — despite its stimulus and development potential.

Yet as all this takes place on Capitol Hill, the Washington International Renewable Energy Conference (WIREC) has taken over the DC Convention Center, where President Bush will give a keynote today. What he could possibly say to thrill the renewable energy crowd, I’m just not sure….


— Kari M.