Paging Sherlock Holmes: UK Police Spent Measly $8,844 This Year In Failed Attempt to Identify Criminal Hackers of Climate Emails

One thing we can’t be thankful for today is the UK police. Once the paragon of criminologists, they utterly screwed up the investigation of phone hacking by Murdcoch’s News Corp for years.

They appear today more Inspector Clouseau than Sherlock Holmes.


That also seems to be the case in the ‘Climategate’ scandal, as Richard Black at the BBC explains in “Climate Emails, Storm or Yawn?”:

I have it from a very good source that it absolutely was a hack, not a leak by a “concerned” UEA scientist, as has been claimed in some circles.

The Norfolk Police clearly see it as a criminal act too, a spokesman telling me that “the contents [of the new release] will be of interest to our investigation which is ongoing”.

Groups like UCS are, however, beginning to ask where that investigation has got to.

I have been passed information stemming from an FoI request to Norfolk Police showing that over the past 12 months, they have spent precisely £5,649.09 [US$8,844]on the investigation.

All of that was disbursed back in February; and all but £80.05 went on “invoices for work in the last six months”.

Of all the figures surrounding the current story, that is perhaps the one that most merits further interrogation.


h/t DeSmogBlog

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