Palin: Our family struggled financially ‘until Todd and I got a couple of good union jobs.’

Last night on his radio show, conservative radio host Hugh Hewitt asked Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) if she and her husband “ever faced tough economic times.” Palin responded saying that her family struggled to get health insurance “until Todd and I both landed a couple of good union jobs.” She said further that she could identify with Americans who are suffering as a result of the economic downturn because her family is “going through that right now — even as we speak.” Listen here:

Palin is right to credit her and her husband’s “good union jobs” with securing her family health insurance coverage. In fact, as SEIU notes, “workers in unions…are 63 percent more likely to have employer-provided health insurance” than non-union workers. Further, “union families pay 43% less for family coverage than nonunion families” and the coverage that union workers receive is “far more comprehensive.” Too bad Palin has done nothing to actually represent union interests.