Palin Recycles Old Stump Speech In Georgia, But Replaces ‘McCain’ With ‘Chambliss’

Today, Gov. Sarah Palin traveled to Georgia to campaign for Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R), who faces a tough runoff election tomorrow against Democratic challenger Jim Martin. In the first of four stops today, in Augusta, Palin told the crowd, “The eyes of the nation are on you,” adding, “The stakes are so high” and that “America is counting on you.”

Yet despite Palin’s insistence on the importance of the Chambliss race, she apparently couldn’t bring herself to write a new stump speech. Instead, she recycled many of her favorite lines from this fall, substituting Chambliss’ name for Sen. John McCain’s:

Palin On Washington:

On CHAMBLISS: Too many politicians forgetting why they were sent to Washington. Well, Saxby has not forgotten and he has not forgotten who it is that he is serving. He is serving you, residents of Georgia, and he is serving all of America. He knows we must put government back on your side. On McCAIN: In Alaska, we went back to basics. We put government back on the side of the people, and John and I will use the same approach to reform Washington in our administration. We will never forget the people who hired us. We will be there to work for you, the good people of America.


Palin On Government Working:

On CHAMBLISS: He knows you do not have to feel you are working for your government, but your government must be working for you.

On McCAIN: John and I…we don’t think you should be working for government; we think government should work for you.

Palin On Independence:

On CHAMBLISS: Saxby has not forgotten why he was sent to Washington. He has stayed true to his principles. Today those principles are needed more than ever. Senator Chambliss, he has such a strong, independent spirit. And that’s another reason I really like him.

On McCAIN: John McCain and I, what we represent is that maverick independent spirit that will not let the self-dealing and excessive partisanship get in the way of what’s right.

Palin On Herds:

On CHAMBLISS: Saxby doesn’t just run with the Washington herd.On McCAIN: John is his own man. He doesn’t run with the Washington herd.

Yesterday, Palin’s home-state newspaper, the Anchorage Daily News, sharply criticized her for campaigning for Chambliss, citing Chambliss’ dirty campaign tactics against renowned war hero Max Cleland in 2002. “As a justifiably proud military mom, she might ask herself why she is using her conservative star power to support such a reprehensible Republican chicken hawk,” the editorial said.