Palin Sees America As Wealthy And White: New Hampshire And Alaska Are ‘Microcosms’ Of The Country

Speaking at a rally today in Dover, NH, Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) praised the area’s beauty and natural resources. She also claimed New Hampshire is “kind of this microcosm here in the state of the rest of the entire U.S.” In the past, she has said her home state of Alaska “is like a microcosm of America.” Watch it:

Apparently, Palin thinks the entire United States is wealthy and white. Census information for Alaska and New Hampshire show that their populations are hardly representative of the rest of the country:

United StatesNew HampshireAlaskaMedian Income (‘04)$44,334$53,377$52,141Poverty Rate (‘04)12.7%6.6%10%Non-Hispanic Whites (‘06)66.4%93.8%66.4%Blacks (‘06)12.8%1.1%3.7%Hispanic/Latino Origin (‘06)14.8%2.3%5.6%


It’s no surprise that Palin boasts a particularly poor record on diversity. She snubbed Alaska’s small African-American community — becoming the first governor to refuse to recognize the annual Juneteenth celebration — and named a white person to a game board post held by an Alaskan Native for more than 25 years.


Sam Stein and Alex Koppelman both note that Palin oddly referred to New Hampshire today as part of “the great Northwest.”