Palin spokeswoman: Bristol will ‘focus’ on ‘advocating abstinence.’

On Monday, the Tyra Banks Show will air an interview with Levi Johnson, Bristol Palin’s former fiancé and father of her child. Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), through a spokeswoman, lashed out at Levi for “engaging in flat-out lies, gross exaggeration, and even distortion of their relationship.” The spokeswoman also said Bristol would focus on “advocating abstinence”:

“Bristol’s focus will remain on raising Tripp, completing her education, and advocating abstinence,” [spokeswoman Meghan] Stapleton continues. “It is unfortunate that Levi finds it more appealing to exploit his previous relationship with Bristol than to contribute to the well being of the child.”


However, in a February interview with Fox News, Bristol told Greta van Susteren, “[E]veryone should be abstinent or whatever, but it’s not realistic at all.” Indeed, as a form of birth control, advocating abstinence simply doesn’t work.