Palin’s tenure in Alaska filled with pet projects.

Politico reports on Gov. Sarah Palin’s prolific spending while governor of Alaska. “She supports spending taxpayer cash on initiatives that tickle her fancy,” Ken Vogel notes. “During her tenures as both mayor and governor, operating budgets ballooned by 55 percent in Wasilla and 25 percent in Alaska.” Some examples of Palin’s pet projects:

$25,000 for the Juneau Christian Center, after Palin started worshipping there.

$2 million for an academic conference meant to dispel the idea that climate change is threatening polar bears.

$630,000 for a kitchen in a hockey arena complex the self-described hockey mom built during her second term as Wasilla’s mayor.


At least $10,000 to help fund the snowmobile race Todd Palin has won several times.

Ultimately, Palin took Wasilla’s long-term debt from $1 million when she entered office to $25 million when she left.” “Anything she proposed is a good earmark,” said Bob Weinstein, mayor of Ketchikan, Alaska.