Paper calls on Bachmann to explain conspiracy theory.

This month, Rep. Michelle Bachmann (R-MN) famously told her local St. Cloud Times that she knows of a secret plan by Iran to partition Iraq and turn half of the country into a “terrorist safe haven zone” called the “Iraq State of Islam.” Today, the St. Cloud Times said she “needs to fully explain either how she knows of a plan to split Iraq in half, or if she was talking over her head — way over her head — in making that statement.”

Once the national media picked up on the piece, Bachmann late last week tried to explain her comments by issuing a written statement that began with “I am sorry if my words have been misconstrued …” and became even more vague from there.

The problem here is Bachmann’s statements are recorded. There really is nothing to misconstrue, nor even misunderstand. She simply needs to explain what she said.

If it’s true, where did she get her information? (Remember, she did say she had received “classified information on the war effort” during a Pentagon briefing in late January.)


If it’s not true, what was she trying to accomplish with her podcast comments? …

The questions are really very simple. Just answer them.