Parkland students call out the NRA’s ‘pathetic’ personal attacks

"I can't imagine how much lower they can get."

Cameron Kasky. CREDIT: John Lamparski/WireImage
Cameron Kasky. CREDIT: John Lamparski/WireImage

During appearance on Fox News Sunday after the March For Our Lives, two Marjory Stoneman Douglas students called out the National Rifle Association for resorting to ad hominem attacks in response to their advocacy efforts.

Host Chris Wallace asked students Delaney Tarr and Cameron Kasky to respond to a recent NRATV video suggesting that a “good guy with a gun” would have saved their classmates and nobody would know their names.

Tarr explained that “highly trained professionals” should have guns, but not teachers. “A teacher’s job is to educate, not to defend.”

But Kasky directly addressed the accusation that they and other students are motivated by their egos.

“I think that’s the most pathetic thing I’ve seen out of this,  possibly even beating ‘crisis actors’,” he said, referencing the baseless conspiracy theory that they and other student activists are actors who have been paid to make the shooting that killed 17 people seem worse than it was.


“And that’s the NRA. You’ll notice they can’t attack our argument so they’re attacking us personally. The fact that they are saying that all we want out of this is for people to know our names? They have no idea how much each of us would give for it to be February 13th again,” he said, referring to the day before the shooting.

“The fact that they stooped that low, — I can’t imagine how much lower they can get.”

In the lead-up to Saturday’s march, the NRA churned out hours of attacks on the students and their efforts. As a ThinkProgress report characterized it, NRATV hosts “argued that the march was really a front for socialist efforts to destroy the constitution and claimed that the march organizers were violent, anti-American, and pro-cop killing.”

In another example of the NRA’s attempts to make the attacks personal, NRATV host Grant Stinchfield also criticized student activist David Hogg for simply using swear words to describe the organization. Stinchfield essentially argued that the NRA is a victim of the students’ bullying.

“Will anyone boycott tomorrow’s march over David’s comments?” he asked on Friday. “Of course the answer is no, but will the media ask David about his NRA-targeted, profanity-laced tirade? No. The media will ignore it.”


Although a “good guy with a gun” did probably save lives at Great Hills High School in Maryland last week, it was still too late for 16-year-old Jaelynn Willey, who was taken off life support Thursday night after she was declared brain-dead as a result of her gunshot injuries.