Pat Robertson: Zimmerman Was Right To Follow Trayvon Martin Because ‘Criminals Wear These Hoods’

On the Christian Broadcasting Network on Tuesday, Pat Robertson suggested that George Zimmerman was right to follow Trayvon Martin, despite being told by 911 operators not to do so, because criminals wear hoodies. Discussing the shooting and trial with his co-host Terry Meeuwsen, he also slammed the media for portraying Martin as a “little boy” instead of a “fully-formed young African-American male”:

MEEUWSEN: I think one of the things you said, though, that to me makes the whole thing so difficult is “I’m following.” That operator kept saying to him “don’t go, don’t go, someone’s coming.” I mean, you can’t — you just can’t have people doing that.

ROBERTSON: I mean, you can and you can’t. There’s been some crime in this area and the criminals were wearing these hoods so it’s one of those things.

Watch it:


Robertson’s comments echo those of Geraldo Rivera, who repeatedly suggested that Martin was profiled not because of his race, but for wearing a hoodie.